10 October 2008

Like a little bee.

I forgot how much I hate all day work days. I've been working since nine this morning. I will be done at ten this evening. I try to keep a positive outlook while I'm at work. It keeps me from feeling like I'm wasting time/life. Blah blah blah.

I think maybe I shouldn't blog when I'm in this mood. I want to sleep. Or drink. Or drink to sleep. Tomorrow I'm working 8:30 to five and then going to Ludington. I'm kind of excited.

The light at the end of today's tunnel:

I am going to Ludington tomorrow.
I will be a co-owner of Settlers of Catan soon.
I don't have to work at all on Sunday.
I won't be in Kalamazoo at all on Sunday.
Creeping is like second nature to me.
Today's work day is over in less than two hours.

(R.I.P. the memory of words that do not necessitate repeating.)

I definitely shouldn't write when I'm in moods like this.


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