28 October 2008

Hundred Years

Hundred more

Unfortunately, I am a person with many defenses. I often find some I didn't know I had or had forgotten about. But I've got them. And I'm working on getting rid of them. The bad ones, anyway.

Today's list of facts:

I'm so defensive about the things I should do, when people ask questions, I tell them what I think they want to hear.
I want to get married.
I want kids.
I want to stay at home for the first couple years and take care of them. Or not.
I'm okay being the "supporter" and am getting used to the idea of being the "supportee" in a marriage.
In a relationship, I want to be pursued in the least creepy way possible.
I have a hard time with all these things because I'm trying to balance what my family says I should be and what society says I should be. They seem to be exact opposites. (I spelled that wrong but I have a secondary click region on my trackpad and was able to fix it without hitting ctrl first.)
I've spent so much time trying to avoid affections or settling for the wrong kinds of love that I'm afraid I'm getting it all wrong.
I miss the sunshine. But I love the wind.
Even though I don't particularly enjoy driving, I love road trips.
I've been particularly bad at holding words in lately.
I'm surprised that it's been difficult to find more people to play Settlers with.
It's been longer than a month since I went grocery shopping. And, potentially, did laundry.
Reading you is more difficult than I had hoped.

Potential job plans I've been considering:

1. Pick a state. Move there. Get a teaching degree. Teach.
2. Get into Georgetown. Get PhD in Arabic Sociolinguistics. Make this list again.
3. (Thanks to Kensey) Get into UofM's Information Science program. Become a librarian. Pick a state. Move there. Librarianize.
4. Get a job at any random Starbucks. Be a barista forever. Transfer every now and then.
5. Find someone else's dreams to leech onto. Follow.
6. Drifter.
7. Write forever.
8. Pick a city with an Apple store. Get a job there. Help people with computers. (It's okay, I'm laughing too.)
9. Somehow, become a research assistant and follow teams around assisting with research.
10. Find someone to pay me to travel.
11. Find a school for publishing. Get in. Go there. Become a Copy Editor or and Acquisitions Editor.
12. Become a booking agent for a music venue.
13. Groupie.
14. Vice President.

We'll see where this takes me.

My computer? Wonderful. Except it thinks I'm in GMT and refuses to believe otherwise.



Our life...being blown by the rain said...

So, which is it going to be? I'm interested! It's like watching the suspenseful part of the movie and the power cuts out! :) Whatever you do, please be happy doing it and do it for the right reasons. Love ya!

Xlynn said...

I'd vote for you.

Erin said...

I'm in GMT!! Let's be GMT buddies!

Theresa said...

Haha Our computers can be buddies! I just don't understand why it refuses to believe it's an American. Wait, yes, I do.