11 May 2009

It's just like a girl to feel

I really don't like the way I've been feeling lately. It's an unfortunate combination of sad, tired, overwhelmed, lonely and useless. Oh, and cold because May in Michigan means forty degrees. What am I doing to combat this? Sleeping, not drinking alcohol, drinking more tea, calling friends to spend time with and there's not very much I can do about the last one. I haven't been allowed to carry anything over twenty pounds since the surgery and let me tell you, that's a lot of things. And man do they mean it.

I'd ask for your forgiveness but it seems fruitless.

I haven't been writing much because I haven't been thinking anything I haven't thought already. I haven't said anything I haven't said already. What's the point in repeating sentiments?

See? Not only do I feel sad but I sound whiny and a little pathetic. I like to keep that from the general public when I can.



Jessi Nicole said...

Thank God blogs don't count as "the general public".

Smells Like Apples said...

Consider God thanked.