05 September 2008

I can't think of anything creative to blog about. I'm sitting at work (KVCC) alone right now since it's the first Friday of the semester and there aren't really any papers due yet. I mean, what is a writing center for but to edit a student's paper ten minutes before it's due? I'm listening to one of my Pandora stations that includes Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and can't get over how good some music is.

Music might have been one of my first passions in life that I can remember. Other than candy and wanting to be friends with people. Can you blame me? Candy is delicious. Oh, and books. I love books. I've been trying to think of the things I enjoy doing and the things I'm actually passionate about. If I can market those things, I can make a life plan. If I can make a life plan, maybe I can stop bitching about exactly how much I don't like my current station in life. I'm actively pursuing a life I am happy with, I swear. Yesterday, even though I hate how money rules everything, I made a stupid budget. That way, I can only blame myself for not following stupid money rules. Stupid, money. Anyway, where I was going with that is that I want to get out of debt. I have student loans, of course. But I also have a huge credit card balance because it also has a year's worth of tuition on it. Sweet. So, the plan? 1. Defer loans (my monthly loan payment is more than twenty percent of my monthly income). 2. Pay off credit card in ten months. 3. Stop bitching. People have it worse. 4. Go to the beach.

So far, I have a budget and a mediocre plan. Oh, and drive and some other things too.

I must admit: it's strange not being a student. When I get back to my flat at the end of the day, I don't have a million things I need to do, usually. I don't have homework. I don't have to worry about finals. Well, except for from the frantic students coming in to get their work edited. Oh, the stories from this place.

Right, I think I'm going to read. Thanks for following my spaghetti strands.


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