12 July 2008

A New Beginning

I've decided to start a new blog. I've been blogging since there were only a few options rather than a few logical options. (You still needed an invitation to have a livejournal.) I've decided that a better version of me should also require a better blog host. So, here I am.

Here, I will place thoughts, occurrences, sentiments.

I graduated with a BA in English. I have minors in Arabic and Comparative Religion. I have two jobs. I made more as a high school graduate. Such is life. I find what is standing in the way of me and a life I am pleased with is not a lack of dreams. Nor is it a crappy economy (though that doesn't help). I am quite aware that what is making me stand in my own way is fear. So, here I stand, figuratively. I am taking a stand (sit) to make myself a person I am not only proud of but a person I love. Not just the way I've been willing to love. No. That real love they sing about in songs. You know, the love that makes the words hurt on the way out. That makes it sound like a cry rather than a lyric. That love. Painful. Poetic. Beautiful. I will find it one day.

In me.

What stands in the way of that is a fear of being something different. I've decided to shoot for a new me rather than settle for someone I used to be. I will falter. But, this time, I will not fail.



Julia said...

I plan on commenting frequently and sincerely.

Justin Boyd said...

A chance to read the frequent musing of Theresa?!?! Life just got better. Theresa, I love your writing and look forward to this blog. Something about your writing cuts right to the heart of a matter, stirring emotions and evoking thoughts.


natalie said...

You've always had it in you! Let me know if you need a hand pulling it out of you.

You rock!