04 March 2012

Here's what I know:

I will probably be staying in Phoenix for another.
I know why I'm staying but don't exactly know the reasoning behind it.
No, that's not true.
I'm still looking for new teaching jobs.
I won't be teaching kindergarten next year.
I will have a Master of Education in May but probably won't walk in the ceremony.
Sadness comes too easily these days.
I spent some time in prayer today.
The sounds of the quails was amazing.
I love the family I was born into but don't know how to rationalize the emotions that love causes.
I don't want to buy a house until I've paid off my car.
Teaching is challenging, yes, but I love it.
More, I think, than any other job out there.
Except maybe Sesame Street.
I don't fully understand what I'm feeling right now but I don't think I like it.
My sister is still married.
As stupid as I think that is, I guess I understand.
Sometimes it's just easier to sleep than find something better to do.
Sometimes it's easier.

What more do I need to learn from being lonely?

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