25 April 2011

As found as she may be,

she's still lost. I'll spare the internet the details, but we know where my sister is now. I love her very, very much but I've washed my hands clean of this particular situation. Instead of going into those details, I'll go into these:

Things I like about myself that others have told me they don't
(A partial list):

How loud my laugh is
My short, curly hair
How easily amused I am
My excitement over seemingly meaningless things
The amount of cumin I use in my cooking
The color of my glasses
I prefer to be barefoot
My taste in music
Sitting criss cross applesauce
How much I notice
Singing along to any song I know the words to
Shamelessness around strangers
Wearing dresses

I won't let anyone take that from me.



kensey said...

people tell you they don't like those things? weirdos.

Smells Like Apples said...

Yeah, yup. And I didn't post anything I hadn't heard from at least people. That being said, I haven't changed any of those things. Because that's ridiculous.

Unknown said...

All of those things are extremely likable things about Theresa!